Quick-Build Emergency Structures

Tridome Structures has seen the needs within the medical and manufacturing communities and in response to COVID-19 we went to our suppliers with a design for a building to meet those needs. Our building is designed to be temporary but manufactured and engineered to be permanent, complete with a 15-year warranty. Our buildings can, in the worst case scenario, withstand the harsh Canadian winters in even the most remote locations. This is not a tent. We are able to deploy and construct these buildings efficiently and rapidly with turn around times as little as 72 hours from order to completion. Inksmith was the first of one and we were able to donate it to them.


Since then working with like-minded companies like ASTOUND Group and Generac, we are able to provide a complete package. Our packages range from simple sanitation rooms and storage facilities, to fully functioning, ready for beds and staff, field hospitals.

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Bracebridge, Ontario

Merrickville, Ontario


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Intake staff are separated from exam rooms and patients.