Rapid Response To A Growing Crisis

Tridome Structures is committed to providing solutions to the need for space and understands the little time that essential businesses, governments, and communities have to act. In as little as 72 hours from confirmation to delivery and setup, a basic building can be up and ready for use. 

We are dedicated to supporting our communities and doing our part in the fight against COVID-19. In doing so we have restructured these buildings to better accommodate the needs of the health care sector. 

Adaptable Design

Available widths: 22' 32' 42' 52' 62' 65' ​

  • Drive-thru triage area

  • Field hospital

  • Testing facilities

  • Sanitation rooms

  • Additional storage

  • Increase manufacturing space

What Is Included

What Can Be Added

While each project has different needs and is designed accordingly, every building will include:

To help solve the issues face by each individual, we've partnered with other companies to increase the flexibly of these buildings. Some upgrades include but are not limited to:

  • Engineered, hot-dipped galvanized steel frame

  • Stakes or concrete block for securing the building

  • 12 oz fire-rated, high density polythene cover

  • Full installation crew and equipment

  • Approximately 72 hrs from delivery to completion

  • Flooring

  • Insulation

  • Independent power sources

  • Lighting

  • Ventilation and air purification

Medical Building

Specifically designed for the medical community. We've teamed up with companies to provide an independent, fully capable structure.

Manufacturing Building

Manufacturers are in need of increased for both production and processing. With the need for specialized spaces for sanitation and cleanrooms. 


Bracebridge, Ontario

Merrickville, Ontario


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